Transport Vehicle Luxury historic motorcycles

Overseas Cargo Logistics specializes in the transport of competitive, collection and tourism vehicles. We provide you with a so-called “a la carte” transport service, hourly requirements, specific places or special requirements are all conditions to which we know how to adapt.

Because precious vehicles must be treated with special attention, we use specific equipment. We have two passionate operators who have trained and whose experience guarantees an exclusive service.

The company’s headquarters are located within the cargo area of CDG airport. These platforms are real assets for all European transport and allow quick access to the various international ports and airports. We work with partner warehouses at various key points in France to optimize the logistics of your transport.

If necessary, we can take care of the guarding of your vehicles in our depots.

Type of vehicles transported:

  • Luxury cars, sports cars, vintage vehicles, race bikes, private vehicles …

The type of events covered:

  • Sports events, lounges, TV sets, cinema, magazine essays, advertising, video clips, transport to resorts…

We pay attention to :

    • loading and unloading
    • Knowledge of hook points
    • Ground clearance height
    • Chassis stability
    • Vibration control
    • Vehicle compliance for transportation
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